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Radio Nova has been created to deliver the best music on the radio. We have put together a unique radio station and brand that plays the most exciting music of all time! If you feel great when you hear a big guitar solo or love to dream you are on the stage with rock and roll superstars, then Radio Nova is for you! We are the station for your inner self to come flooding out and we promise to give you a guitar-based mix of great songs from the last 40 years right through to today.

We’ve just received our highest listenership ever. We now boast a weekly listenership figure of 190,000 weekly listeners, with 103,000 daily listenership and 6.1% market share in the Dublin city, county, and commuter belt area *. Broadcasting to the Greater Dublin area, Radio Nova is the only Dublin station licensed to cover the extended commuter belt counties of Wicklow, Kildare, Meath, meaning you get even more value for money when you advertise with us.

* Source: JNLR/Ipsos MRBI 2023/2,  Dublin Commuter Belt

What Radio Nova can do for your business

While today’s advertising and marketing solutions make it easier than ever to reach customers, growing your business and generating quantifiable revenue has never been more difficult. That is why Radio Nova looks beyond traditional advertising to offer dynamic, creative solutions that reach customers across a myriad of platforms. Our Business Development Team is committed to making a real difference to local businesses and helping them grow. We know that a credible return on investment is what really counts and that’s what we want to help you achieve. Radio Nova is one of the leading advertising platforms in Dublin and surrounding counties and no other medium offers better value for money and less wastage. From large national and international advertisers to small local businesses, all clients receive the same high-level of professionalism and service from Nova. When you advertise with Radio Nova, your own dedicated Account Executive will take the time to really get to know your business and work with you to design the campaign that is right for you; the one that will deliver results. In addition, our fabulous team of creative scriptwriters and producers are ready to put together some great ideas for you so when you are on air, your business really stands out.

Advertising, Advertise with Radio Nova

Our Listeners

Our audience is mainly 25-54 and within the affluent region of Dublin city, county and commuter belt. Three quarters of our listeners are main shoppers or decision-makers in the household, while nearly two thirds are in (full or part-time), a higher percentage than other Dublin-based radio stations. Our listeners are likely to have children, a mortgage and are trying to juggle home and work commitments. They’re also likely to own a car, look for good value on the weekly shop and are in the market for home improvements, furniture, electrical goods and other life necessities. Our listeners are the people that advertisers like to reach.

A Day In The Life Of Radio Nova

The Nova day kicks off at 6am with ‘Morning Glory with PJ & Jim’; it’s packed with news, traffic, information and the quirkier side of life as viewed by broadcasters PJ Gallagher and Jim McCabe. Then, ‘Marty Miller @ Work’ continues from 10am; it’s perfect for the first few hours of work. Play Connect 4, check our ‘This Day in Music History’ or just sit back and enjoy three hours of great Nova tunes. Dee Woods takes you through lunchtime at 1pm with ‘Dee Woods Lunchbreak’, with an hour of cracking 80s tunes until 2pm and then an hour of Nova music with Dee’s special guests. From 3pm, the inimitable Pat Courtenay takes over and gets you ready for your drive home. Pat will take care of you on your journey through rush hour traffic with the now world famous ‘Pat Nav’. Finally, Greg Gaughren brings you an evening of the best Nova tunes around, complete with on-the-spot results from the footie as it happens. Add to that plenty of banter, snappy news headlines, great competitions and a light-hearted take on life throughout the day, and that’s Radio Nova!

Advertising, Advertise with Radio Nova

Advertising and Radio in Ireland

Radio in Ireland is a huge part of our daily life. As a nation we consume more radio than any other country in Western Europe with the average adult here spending over 4 hrs a day listening to the radio. Radio Nova is a key part of this mix and provides a unique, loyal and enthusiastic audience to advertisers and brands and this delivers more inquiries and sales to your business. Our team has a combined experience of 40 years in radio, press and TV so we know our stuff! We are all too familiar with the issues you might have faced in the past and the issues that continue to face you in your business today – and now we want to help you alleviate some of the problems that could face you in the future. Building an effective marketing and advertising plan for our clients is what we are all about. And yes, we know that you will be looking for the best value… And remember, it costs nothing to talk to us! We offer a variety of ways to promote brands and advertisers via Spot Advertising, Sponsorship and Promotions and online and mobile application advertising. In fact, every business has unique needs when it comes to marketing, so we custom design every advertising package to our client’s needs. We have solutions for all budgets!

Outside Broadcasts

Generate the ultimate excitement for your business, drive foot traffic, engagement your customers, and add a touch of flair by hosting a live broadcast from Radio Nova at your premises. Experience the thrill of live radio and outdoor experiential promotions with our team of broadcasters and promotion executives, who will organize an event right in your shop, retail outlet or location. Reach tens of thousands of listeners through a single live broadcast

Meet Our Team

The Radio Nova sales team is here to help you get the most out of your advertising. They have years of experience in the industry and are passionate about helping brands succeed. Whether you’re looking to advertise on our station or need help with your advertising strategy, we’re here to help. Talk to us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your advertising goals.

Headshot of Ann Boyle from Radio Nova

Advertising, Advertise with Radio Nova Ann Boyle


Headshot of Kaylyn McGrath from Radio Nova

Advertising, Advertise with Radio Nova Kaylyn McGrath

Advertising Sales Executive

Advertising, Advertise with Radio Nova

Advertising, Advertise with Radio Nova Garrett Gunnigle

Sales Director

Headshot of Keith Dixon from Radio Nova

Advertising, Advertise with Radio Nova Keith Dixon

Agency Account Director

Headshot of Pamela O'Duffy Drummond from Radio Nova

Advertising, Advertise with Radio Nova Pamela O’Duffy Drummond

Key Account Manager

Headshot of Siobhan Murphy from Radio Nova

Advertising, Advertise with Radio Nova Siobhan Murphy

Key Account Manager

Listen to some of the radio commercials produced by Radio Nova

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