Oregon Ducks players tease new football uniforms: ‘We got some stuff cooking’

Oregon Ducks football

Oregon wore throwback helmets and uniforms for the No. 9 Ducks’ game against the Washington State Cougars at Autzen stadium in Eugene, Oregon on Saturday, October. 21, 2023. Sean Meagher/The Oregonian

EUGENE — Ahead of the team’s move to the Big Ten Conference this fall, a handful of Oregon football players participated in a uniform committee to help decide the drip for the Ducks in 2024.

The “Generation O” set of uniforms will come as part of a regular overhaul by Nike that occurs every few years, but the hype around this particular change is real among players who were on the committee. Working with UO football equipment administrator Kenny Farr, the group of players included Jeffrey Bassa, Marcus Harper, Tez Johnson and Traeshon Holden.

Bassa in particular has a passion for fashion, and expressed his excitement over what’s to come.

“We got some stuff cooking,” Bassa said with a smile after Oregon spring practice Tuesday. “It was great to sit down there in the room with Kenny and seeing everything he had planned for the year. To the little details that he does with what helmet we’re gonna wear, what socks we’re gonna wear with this. It was amazing just to be part of history. I know this is going to be a huge year with the uniforms and stuff like that. I know people are excited.”

Although Bassa and his teammates haven’t revealed specific details about the uniforms, and neither has the team beyond a teaser video on social media, players have bonded over being part of the process. In the video, Farr spoke to players and teased that some of the uniforms will have a “futuristic” look while others will be throwbacks.

There’s been some playful ribbing during this process, too, including Bassa saying he was “surprised” to see Harper — an offensive lineman — on the committee.

“I don’t know why,” Harper said, shaking his head. “Big people can have some drip, too.”

Harper set straightforward expectations when asked to preview Oregon’s new uniforms. The standard has been set by Oregon teams past, and the Ducks are aiming to live up to it.

“Some new drip,” Harper said. “Same Oregon scheme that we always do. Nice, sleek design, real fast. I feel like some of the old colorways some people have had on Twitter might be on there, some good throwbacks that I feel like we haven’t seen since the De’Anthony Thomas era. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.”


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