This Portland hot spot is an answer in today’s New York Times crossword

Server delivers food in crowded dining room

Drew Varcoe delivers food to a table at The Sports Bra in Portland, Oregon on Friday, March 17, 2023.Vickie Connor/The Oregonian

Step aside, Full Sail Ale and Salem. There’s a new Oregon thing that is big enough to get a shout-out in the New York Times daily crossword. And it’s right here in Portland.

Please note: Spoilers for the Tuesday, March 26, New York Times crossword ahead. Do not keep reading if you don’t want to cheat on today’s crossword puzzle.

No, it isn’t an ice cream shop. Or a bookstore. Or even a place to get donuts in pink boxes. It is, in fact, a sports bar.

But which sports bar? Well, here’s another clue. Last week, I called a list that didn’t name this bar the best sports bar in Portland “flawed."

Not everyone was happy about this article (see: my inbox), but it looks like the New York Times was taking note because in today’s puzzle, No. 24 down reads: “The Sports ___ (Portland bar dedicated to women’s athletics).”

A three-letter word that rhymes with draw. An anagram for the word “bar.” Something that most adult women wear every day.

You guessed it, it’s Portland’s own The Sports Bra, the first but no longer only, sports bar in the world dedicated to showing only women’s sports.

When I started covering The Sports Bra, at 2512 N.E. Broadway, it wasn’t even open yet.

Now, only two years later, it’s a clue on the New York Times crossword.

That, I would say, is a meteoric rise. And just in time for March Madness, too.

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