One Of U2’s Claws Finds A New Home In An Aquarium!


When Irish Rock legends U2 unleashed their 360º world tour in 2009 the world was introduced to ‘The Claw’. An apt name for the epic stage design. Imagine blasting tunes out of that sound system in your back yard of a Summer’s day! Now, one of the 165 foot tall, 90 ton weighing ‘Claws’ has been given a permanent residence. Bono and the boys’ Claw will be on display at Draper, Utah’s Loveland Living Planet Aquarium.

According to Pitchfork, LLPA founder and CEO Brent Anderson said in a statement, ‘We are excited to bring this iconic monument to its permanent home in Utah. This landmark will shine a light on our mission to inspire people to explore, discover, and learn about Earth’s diverse ecosystems.’

A prototype of the installation, as well as LLPA’s new expansion plans, can be seen at their website. Looking at the plans, it appears that the marine life will be kept far away from ‘The Claw.’ U2 will be back on tour for Songs of Experience this May.

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